Nearly there!

Yes, we are almost there!

Translator Karen Holt and I have received and checked the first proofs of Jane Austen’s England and we expect the second proofs this week. If all goes well, the book wil go to the printers in the first week of May. Which means that we hope to get it delivered to you earlier than we expected when we started our Kickstarter-adventure! Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that there will be no delays at the printers, so we can start dispatching the books to you mid-June.

Still hesitating?

I’ve heard there are still quite a few people interested in buying Jane Austen’s England, but haven’t done so yet. I would like to urge you to do so before 1 May 2017 via, so we can make sure that we order enough books at the printers. I also know there are many people who think they can order the book on Amazon or in their bookshop. That will not be the case, at least not in the foreseeable future.


To explain it all, here are some FAQ’s:

Why will the book only be available for a limited time?

Dutch publisher Gottmer, who published the Dutch edition of Jane Austen’s England, has kindly offered to publish the Kickstarter edition. They will only print the amount of  books that have been sold through Kickstarter and on in the last few months. For Gottmer, a publisher specialised in Dutch books, this is a one-off English edition.

Why doesn’t the Dutch publisher distribute the book worldwide?

Gottmer is a Dutch publisher with excellent connections in the Dutch-language markets, but not in the English-language markets. We will need an English/American/Canadian/Australian (etc) publisher for that. Only then will the book be available worldwide, for example through Amazon and other retailers.

Why hasn’t the book found an anglophone publisher yet?

There has been some interest from anglophone publishers for Jane Austen’s England in the past, but as we didn’t have a full English translation at that time, they couldn’t properly assess the contents. Hopefully the excellent translation from Karen Holt will persuade one of them to take it on and to publish a second edition. This may take some time though, or might not happen at all.

How can you help?

It would be wonderful if we can give this travel guide a life beyond Kickstarter. If you know any publishers who might be interested, then please let me know at

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  1. Femke Leek 24 April 2017 at 19:46 #

    I’m very interested in buying the book, but I was wondering if there’s any chance that the English version can also be signed? I’m Dutch and I saw that the Dutch version can be signed by request. I would love to buy the book in English though, but it would be very nice if the English version can also be signed?

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