It’s Jane’s birthday! And I know the perfect gift for her (and no, it’s not Jane Austen’s England)

If she were still alive, Jane Austen would have celebrated her 241th birthday today. Would you like to give her a present? Then please read on …

The perfect gift for Jane

One of our backers, Cynsoria, kindly pointed out to me that the Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton is raising funds for vital building repairs. The condition of the building is deteriorating fast. The museum is run by an independent charitable trust and receives no regular public funding. At the moment they do not have the money to carry out the repairs. So they need our help!

As many of you will know, the museum is located in the lovely cottage where Jane Austen did most of her writing and lived the last years of her life. It’s a wonderful place where you can feel really close to the author and her work, with many personal items on display.

With the funds they raise the Jane Austen’s House Museum wants to secure the house now and protect it for future generations.

Want to make a donation?

Inspired by all the kind support I received during my own fundraising, I’ve already made a donation. Maybe you would like to do so as well? Then visit the fundraising page of the Jane Austen’s House Museum.


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