‘I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve’

Our Kickstarter has ended. And what a 30 days it’s been! Thank you to all our backers who joined us on this great adventure. It’s really going to happen, Jane Austen’s England is going to be published in English!

What happens next?

  • Today your credit card will be charged for your pledge.
  • Later this week I will send an update with a link to the gift certificate (pdf) for those of you who want to give Jane Austen’s England as a present.
  • In January I will be sending out a survey asking you for your shipping address and the name you want printed in the thank-you section (if this was included in the reward you’ve chosen).
  • Our translator Karen Holt has already started working on the translation. But more needs to be done. Maps need to be translated and adjusted, opening hours checked, lay-out adjusted, proofs read and re-read. We have some interesting months ahead of us!
  • Estimated delivery date is July 2017. Of course we will do our best to get the books published sooner, but good work takes time.

I will keep you updated in the following months. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


If your email address changes in the next months, do not forget to update your Kickstarter account. Otherwise you will not be receiving updates and other communication from us.

If your shipping address changes after you have filled out the survey, please let me know as soon as possible, so we can send your order to the right address.

Once again, thank you!

Thank you to all 427 wonderful backers, from all over the world! This really has been a joint effort and I am grateful for all the support you have been giving.

Thank you to all the bloggers who wrote about this project and spread the word.

A special thank you to my friends, family and fellow Janeites from The Netherlands who didn’t really need an English edition of this book, but who decided to generously back this project anyway. I owe you one!

And thank you to my publisher Gottmer, who took a chance on me when I first had the idea for this travel guide, and who decided to join me on this crazy Kickstarter adventure.

And thank you to Kickstarter, for making this crowdfunding-endeavour possible.

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