Thank You

A special thank you towards two groups of people without whose support the English edition of Het Engeland van Jane Austen would never have been possible. Firstly, my professional collaborators; those at Gottmer Publishing Group – especially Anaïsa Bruchner – and translator Karen Holt.

Secondly – and even more importantly – the hundreds of backers who so generously supported our Kickstarter campaign. This book is ‘for you’ in every sense of the word. Our thanks go out to each and every one of you, with a special note of gratitude to the following Kickstarter backers:

  • Ilse Heylen
  • design in 365 days
  • Katie Mandel Bruce
  • Henk
  • Wendy Mertens
  • Maria Pau
  • Groetjes aan Tante Marian (Rachel)
  • Bill Hargenrader
  • Rebecca Workman